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Scorpion Micro DV Bike Video Camera and Audio Recorder

Scorpion Micro DV Bike Video Camera and Audio Recorder

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    Close Scorpion Micro DV Bike Video Camera and Audio Recorder

    Product Code: scorpion-micro-dv-recorder

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    Price: $125.00

    Scorpion Micro DV Bike Video Camera and Audio Recorder

    Scorpion Micro DV Video and Audio Recorder

    Discreetly Record Everything While on Patrol in High Quality Video with Audio.

    The Scorpion Micro DV recorder has a unique, ultra small and compact design, that can be used in many recording situations making it perfect for Patrol. The Scorpion is the smallest digital video camera in the world with high resolution imaging. The quality of recording for a device this size is unsurpassed.

    Extremely convenient, this Micro DV can be attached via a clip to your vest, attach it to your handlebars or even mount it on your helmet. The Scorpion makes it possible to gain from your Bike Patrol video evidence that was normally only achieved with patrol car cameras, providing the same quality video for the courtroom. Record up to 2 hours of video with the 2G memory card and you can increase the memory card to up to a 16G card for even more recording time.

    Scorpion Micro DV Kit contents: Micro digital video recorder, Multi use Clip and Bracket, Micro SD card, USB cable, AC adapter, Storage pouch, Strap and Velcro. The Scorpion is very handy when not on the bike too - strap it to your vest and discreetly record your interactions while on foot.

    Special features of the Scorpion Micro DV Video and Audio Recorder:

    • Date and Time Stamp
    • Quick & Easy Installation
    • Thumb size alloy housing
    • Built-in rechargeable battery
    • Manually and sound activated recording
    • Web camera for online video chat
    • Supports AVI video format
    • Low illumination, high resolution image with 2.0 Mega pixels
    • High speed recording and quick light response
    • 30 frames per second for 640x480 video output
    • Provided 2G Micro SD card
    • Supports 16G memory card (max)
    • Easy operation with LED indicator
    • Support USB 2.0
    • Flexible installation with clip and bracket
    • Support JPEG picture format

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