Sock Guy Arm Warmers
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Sock Guy Arm Warmers

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Product Description

Sock Guy Arm Warmers

No Longer Available

Arm warmers are a great way to keep warm on days when you don't need a long-sleeve shirt, yet are still a little chilly. They also provide a great solution for days when you may start patroling earlier, before it warms up, or are out in the sun but need a little extra warmth once it sets. Simply put them on or take them off in seconds as the temperature varies.

Sock Guys light-weight mesh version is great for milder days and sun protection! The dual arm-cuff, articulated mid-section and elasticized wrist-cuff provide the ultimate in fit, style and comfort. This is the easiest way to regulate body tempurature for any outdoor sport. SockGuy Arm Warmers are made from the same ultra soft Micro-Denier Acrylic as their socks, so they are the softest arm warmers in the industry!

These are extremely compact and can fit in a side pocket on most trunk bags.

Full Features:

  • Stretch to Fit Sizing. Elasticized composition provides a comfortable fit without restricting circulation.
  • Dual Arm Cuffs to keep the arm warmers exactly where you want them.
  • Articulated Mid-Section prevents bunching and gathering at the elbow.
  • Seamless Construction: Next to skin comfor fit is free from seam pressure or compression lines.

Sizing Guide:

Small Medium: Fits 5-9" x 17-23" arm size, recommended for people weighing less than 150lbs. Large / XLarge: Fits 9-13" x 19-25" arm size and is recommended for people weighing over 150lbs.

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