Guardian Angel Wearable and Mountable Safety Light
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Guardian Angel Wearable and Mountable Safety Light

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Product Description

Guardian Angel Wearable and Mountable Safety Light

The Guardian Angel™ wearable safety lights are designed with a core belief that personal lighting technology will make the world a safer place. Their mission is, and always will be, to save lives by developing the most advanced, high-tech wearable safety lights on the market. The Guardian Angel devices are rugged enough to protect the lives of law enforcement and first responders in the field, yet practical and versatile enough to be a must-have tool on any construction site or outdoor adventure. Developed with the latest in LED technology that allows the personal safety device to be seen for more than two miles, the Elite Series device is the most advanced wearable safety light on the market today.

The new Guardian Angel™ Elite Series’ design was directly influenced by feedback from people like you who risk their lives to save ours: first responders, law enforcement and military personnel.

From traffic stops across America to battlefields around the world, the amount of danger inherently present in these situations can get compounded by darkness. Whether a first responder is trying to save a civilian life or finds themselves injured, pinned, or in need of rescue, our proven multi-use wearable safety light can be the difference between life and death.

From the 360º light aspect ratio that provides over two miles of visibility, to its effortless three-ounce weight, and multiple lighting options, the people we count on to keep us safe through hell or high-water now have a personal safety light versatile enough to return the favor.

  • Lightweight: Approximately 3 Oz
  • Durable – Water resistant, shock proof, IP 68 Rated
  • Long Range Visibility: Rated up to 2 miles of visibility, 360 degree illumination
  • Work Light Feature: Single Red LED work light Enhanced White LED
  • Three different brightness settings: Low, Medium and High
  • Extreme Battery Life: Rechargeable lithium ion battery using micro USB charger (provided)
  • Built in Magnet: Neodymium magnet securely attaches device to all metal surfaces
  • See Drop Down Menus for Light color and mounting options
White/Yellow, White/Red, White/Green, White/Red/Yellow, White/Blue/Yellow, White/White: Single red LED work light, front side all white LEDs, rear side either yellow, red, green, white, blue/yellow, or red/yellow LEDs, constant on and flashing features each side. All Elite Series devices feature a Rare Earth magnet built into each device, lithium ion rechargeable battery, 3 brightness settings, single high-powered white LED on top.

Red/Green: Same as above, except single white LED work light, front is red, rear is green LEDs.

Law Enforcement, Red/Blue and Blue/Blue: Single red LED work light, enhanced white LED work light, each side flashes either red & blue or all blue LEDs.

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