C3Sports Tactical Police Bike Patrol Gloves - Kevlar Lined
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C3Sports Tactical Police Bike Patrol Gloves - Kevlar Lined

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Product Description

C3Sports Full Finger Tactical Bike Patrol Gloves for BRT and SWAT and E-Bikes

With Kevlar Lining and Hardened Knuckles.

When riding an E-Bike you will often travel at speeds much faster than normal riding conditions and this glove will provide extra protection if there is some type of accidental impact thanks to the kevlar and hardened knuckles.

If you are on a bike patrol unit that performs BRT or other crowd control operations, these are the gloves you've wanted that no-one designed until now. Rather than using a down-hill mountain bike glove, these tactical gloves are designed from the ground up, made specifically for your bike policing needs to protect your hands in volatile situations such as crowd control and riots. Constructed with quality leather and a kevlar liner, these gloves are cut resistant. The gel pads in the palm make cycling comfortable and the hardened knuckles will provide extra protection when needed.

  • Quality Leather Construction
  • Gel padding in palms for cycling
  • Kevlar weaving liner - cut resistant
  • Hardened Knuckles
  • Padded fingers (minus the trigger finger)
  • Touch screen finger tips
  • Stitching in trigger finger to prevent fraying if you decide to cut off the tip of the trigger finger
  • Small to 2XLarge

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