Electric Police Bikes

We at Police Bike Store have been very careful and discerning when deciding which E-bikes to carry for our customers. Currently, the Ebike market is a little bit like the Wildwest with a new brand popping up everytime you look online. This can make it difficult to see the difference between what each brand is offering and why there can be such seemingly drastic price differences.

One of the most important things to take into consideration when deciding on an electric bike for patrol use is that this bike has a lot more going on with it than a conventional bicycle. It has all of the regular bicycle parts but also has a complete electrical system, very powerful battery and motor all in one.

This is why we have decided to only carry the brands that use the best motor system on the market which also offers the best USA aftermarket customer support when and if something goes wrong.

Currently Bosch is in a league of their own when it comes to this. In addition to making the best drive system on the planet, they are also the number one brand that local bike shops work with. Bosch's electric bike division carries a complete supply of spare parts and components in the United States to repair anything that may have gone wrong. If you own a bike with a Bosch system, it is a bike that you can take to your local shop to get serviced and repaired through their nationwide network of authorized mechanics.

An extremely important aspect of Bosch is that their systems are completely tested for safety, are CPSC approved and follow the guidlines for safe street legal EBikes in the United States. They make systems for EBikes that can travel the speeds that bikes and their components are safely made to handle. They do not make eBike systems that travel the speed of a motorcycle on a bicycle setup. These are not safe and are also not legally classified as a bicycle. Currently, 28mph is the top speed an eBike is allowed to be classified as a bicycle.

Electric Police Bikes are going to take more punishment, just like regular police bikes versus their civilian counterparts and we believe that Bosch is currently the best company making the system that can and will deliver in a safe, effective and reliable manner.

Diamondback Response Electric Bike
Diamondback Response Electric Bike
Bosch System Class 3 Ebike
28mph Max Speed - Free Topeak Rack Included
Normal Retail $4,100.00
Limited Time Sale - Now Only $3,499.98