Kali Pace Police Bike Helmet
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Kali Pace Police Bike Helmet

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Product Description

Kali Pace Bicycle Helmet

The Kali Pace makes a great bike patrol helmet and provides good rear coverage.

Whether you are going for a ride in the neighborhood with kids, hitting your local trailhead with your buddies or commuting to work by yourself, the Pace has you covered.

The Pace uses our Composite Fusion technology and our proprietary QuadCore LDL layer to keep you safe. You will also get a Break-away Visor, Anti-Microbial Pads and a Locking Buckle and Slider.

WEIGHT: 286 g / 10.1 oz


Kali's LDL Low Density Layer Protection: Simply put, LDL started out with the idea of putting a low density liner inside Kali helmets to suck up the energy from a low-g hit to the head. Your helmet is there to take the beating for you when you hit your head, hard. LDL is there to soften the bumps we get that are not near the forces that compress or damage the foam in your helmet. It turns out that Low-g hits, especially when received repeatedly, turn into serious concussion damage to your brain.

The data shows the majority of impacts from accidents are happening at much lower-g forces than the standards are testing for. And thus Kali helmets staff are huge advocates for getting softer materials into thier helmets and closer to your head.  LDL reduces rotational impact forces up to 25%, and reduces low-g linear forces up to 30%.

Kali continues to test and experiment with materials and the design of LDL materials in thier helmets and won’t stop. Afterall, they are an engineering driven company whose focus is developing the next generation of industry leading safety technologies.

Kali's Composite Fusion Plus: While dozens of manufacturers in the powersport world utilize dual density foams, they are generally assembled like the layers of a cake. Kali's COMPOSITE FUSION™ Plus Technology uses a layer of multi density cone shaped foam that intersect with a layer of softer foam that surrounds the head. In an impact, these cones act as a progressive damper to absorb different levels of impact. As they collapse, these cones also direct energy sideways and away from the brain.

A thinner shell allows impact G forces to dissipate more effectively into the energy-absorbing foam, eliminating the double spike in G’s inherent in other helmets.

Lighter, Smaller, Safe. That’s what Kali does.

Kali's Lifetime Crash Replacement: 

You crash it. Kali will replace it. It’s that simple.

They don’t do this as some marketing stunt or because they have lost thier minds.

Kali does this because what they find out from these crashed helmets informs everything they do. We have you return your crashed helmets, so we can take them back into thier lab, cut them open, measure them, dissect them and use the information they gather from the unlucky few who do indeed test our helmets in ways we could not recreate in a lab and they use this information to build the next generation of Kali helmets. They prefer you never have to use the Lifetime Crash Replacement policy and they suggest you replace your Kali helmets at respectable intervals. Let Kali just reiterate once again, please leave the testing to them.

About Kali: Kali is focused on making the safest helmets on the market. Brad Waldron, founder, believes all helmets are too hard and the current testing is antiquated, so he has taken it upon himself to push the boundary of helmet technology. His goal is to build the safest helmets on the market at all price points. He knows his best helmets are yet to come, so he continues to cut open, crush and test helmets constantly. Whatever your discipline, Kali has you covered.

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