Niterider Mako 250 and CherryBomb 100 Light Combo
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Niterider Mako 250 and CherryBomb 100 Light Combo

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Product Description

Niterider Mako 250 Bike Light Combo - with CherryBomb Taillight

NiteRider understands lights are an integral part of your daily commute. Using a light can mean the difference between being seen or not by automobile drivers. Many of the “entry level” commuter lights are nothing more than “be seen” lights. Your overall safety and visibility should not be limited by your budget, that’s why they created the Mako™ Series. The Mako™ line offers four models and up to 250 lumens, not only allowing the cyclist to be seen, but allowing the cyclist to see as well. The Mako™ line is easy on the wallet and easy to operate.

For much of night riding, the key to survival is not only seeing but also being seen, the CherryBomb™ 100 addresses the latter. By incorporating a unique multi-directional collimator specifically designed for cycling, the CherryBomb™ 100 maximizes visibility by dispersing light to the sides of the rider as well as to the rear, effectively eliminating blind spots to upcoming automobiles.To further rider safety and visibility, the CherryBomb™ 35 employs a custom made, built in reflector which allows the rider to be night time visible even when the taillight is in the off position. Clip and bike mounts are included, for flexible mounting options.

Features of Niterider Mako 250 Headlamp:

• Low cost, high powered light

• Highly visible in traffic = keeps you safe

• 3 light settings – High, Low and flash

• Tough durable design

Features of the CherryBomb 100 Taillight:

• Daylight Visible Flash (DVF)

• Up to 136 hour run time

• Visible up to 1 mile

• Internal reflector = visible if light on off mode

• Easy to operate AAA batteries

• Super bright day time flash mode

• Be Seen by cars = Be Safe

• FL 1 Standard IP64, water resistant

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