Benefits of Security Bicycles

Bike patrol officers

Security bikes are a fantastic addition to Security departments for both private and public uses. In fact, the use of bikes for security purposes is one of the most cost effective, efficient, and safety enhanced programs that you could implement.

Using a bicycle for security allows the agent to cover a much larger distance in a far shorter period of time than on foot. In addition, once the security is in the vicinity of the call, the bicycle has much more of a stealth quality than a person running on foot, and the person has much more energy left when they reach the destination than if they had to run a long distance.

Bicycles can greatly add to the deterrence factor. If an agent is patrolling a campus, corporate, or other agency grounds, they can make many more rounds on a bike than on foot. Also, they can hear and see much more than if they were driving in a car.

For example, if an agency needs to patrol an area with a body of water and there is a walking path around it. If there are individuals causing problems on the other side and they are on foot, they can taunt the agent on the other side and cause problems, knowing that they have an extremely large head start once the security officer starts the pursuit. If that same agent is on a mountain bike, he or she can easily gain ground on troublemakers and criminals. They can also chase them through narrow areas, on grass and if need be, inside of large buildings. All of which would be impossible in a patrol car.

Security bikes can be outfitted with decals, lights, bags and sirens. The bags can carry a multitude of gear that would not be easily carried on foot, especially if a chase is to occur.

Maintenance costs for the bikes are much lower and easier to repair than the high cost of auto repairs. The cost of energy is zero, only the energy used by the rider! This also helps the rider become healthier as they get in better shape.

At, clients have expressed that Security Bikes have been very effective in everything from crime deterrence, to crowd clearing, catching criminals and even helping to clear crowds during a medical emergency at a campground.

As you can see, bicycles can be a very cost effective and safe addition to any police or security department.